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Important**Difference in MYCME and CE Broker

Posted almost 4 years ago by Vicky Stone-Gale

We are getting many questions regarding the difference in MYCME and CE Broker.  They are not the same. Below I will explain:

1. CEBroker is a official CEU Tracking system that reports directly to the Fla Board of Nursing (BON).

All education providers in the State of Florida are required to:

1. Submit and track all the education they provide and the individuals that attend the education programs.

We are a CEUs Provider and all our education for Contact Hours I submit to CEBroker who in turn are linked to the State Board of Nursing.

When you go to renew or obtain you Nursing License for the first time; the BON checks with CEBroker to see if you have fulfilled your education requirements for first time licenses and license renewals. The cost I believe is 25 dollars per 2-year license period. I may not have the correct cost but it is close. The advantage of paying and joining CEBroker is they track your contact hours taken in the State of Florida and when it is time to renew your license they report to the board to tell them you are clear to renew your license.

Courses you take that are not from a Florida provider such as Pri-med that don't report to the Florida board; You as an individual need to keep track of your certificates and report them to the Board of Nursing by imputing yourself into CEBroker and keeping track of all your hours to show proof you have the hours if audited. The BON states if you track your hours thru CEBroker by paying the biannual fee they will not audit you.

2. MyCME is a Learning management system which means it offers CME courses and other useful tools for practitioners. It looked like a good site with useful tools.

It is important to know that you do pay a yearly fee plus the cost of the contact hour programs. I believe it is 35/year or less and the education programs can be reasonably priced to expensive. You do have the options to take the programs at your leisure. They also keep tack of your CE certificates you earn on the site and you can upload certificates from outside programs like Pri-med or from us etc.... They do not report to CEBroker you need to do it and maintain your own records.

Remember: MyCME is a Learning Management System and they do not submit the education hours you earn to CEBroker. You as an individual must self-submit your own education hours and maintain your own education certificates".

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Robin Petit at rcpetit@comcast.net