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Changes to ARNP license renewal process

Posted almost 5 years ago by Vicky Stone-Gale

There have been changes to the license renewal process and continuing education process with your next renewal.  You MUST have your CEU's populated in CE Broker in order to get your renewal completed.  If you have not met the proper CEU requirements, the system will pop up a screen telling you that you are deficient and are unable to renew your license.  Visit CEAtRenewal.com to check your CEU documentation and make sure that you have all CEU's recorded that you completed.  There may not be some listed that you have done and you will need to manually input them.  You are not required to purchase CE Broker and can just access through the Basic service.  You are responsible for making sure you have the required CEU's to renew. Remember to send your protocols to the BON when you renew your license or have a change to your protocol.

Fliorida Statute 464.012 states the following:





"An advanced registered nurse practitioner shall perform those functions authorized in this section within the framework of an established protocol that is filed with the board upon biennial license renewal and within 30 days after entering into a supervisory relationship with a physician or changes to the protocol. The board shall review the protocol to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory standards for protocols. "