South Florida Council of Advanced Practice Nurses

Please read: Law requires you to identify yourself as an NP

Posted 24 days ago by Vicky Stone-Gale

In recent days it has come to the attention of many of us via other NPs, legislators, etc that APRNs who have a doctoral degree are not identifying themselves in the clinical arena as APRNs. You are required by law to do so, therefore if you state I am Dr. Jones you must also say "a nurse practitioner". If you do not do this then it places you in a position you yourself may not want to be in and furthermore it places nurse practitioners in the state in a position that could cause problems.

You have a responsibility to understand the law that governs your license.  Please ensure you are identifying your credentials to your patients when in a phone call, telehealth, or a personal visit with them. Pass this information on to your colleagues

Here is the statute regarding name tags and identifying. Look a (t)