South Florida Council of Advanced Practice Nurses

Proliability (Mercer) making changes to NP malpractice coverage

Posted 26 days ago by Vicky Stone-Gale

Proliability (Mercer) will no longer be covering NPs for providing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to their patients.  The underwriter has made this decision and will not even consider a policy price increase to have this as an add-on. If you go to renew your policy, they will be asking if you perform this service, they will want to see your certificates for training and have you complete additional paperwork only to turn around and deny you. This is disheartening as they are the most financially reasonable in the market for occurrence policy coverage. Claims made is very expensive coverage and require a large tail when you are no longer with them.

Berxi will ask the same thing when getting a quote and other companies may follow. Look very carefully to review the coverage in your documents or to specifically ask about this when getting coverage.