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Clarification of CS/CS/HB 21--Controlled Substance Prescribing

Posted 4 months ago by Vicky Stone-Gale

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Dear Florida Prescriber:

As we are attending meetings around the state, a pervasive misinterpretation of CS/CS/HB 21 has emerged throughout the prescribing community. Some prescribers are being instructed that they must see patients for whom they prescribe controlled substances every 30 days. This is not a requirement of the new controlled substances law.

After the passage of CS/CS/HB 21, only the section numbering and title for Section 456.44, Controlled Substance Prescribing, changed. The section and title are now Section 456.44(3) Standards of Practice for Treatment of Chronic Nonmalignant Pain.

The language did not change and reads, in part:

S. 456.44(3)(d) states, in part, “The patient shall be seen by the registrant at regular intervals, not to exceed 3 months, to assess the efficacy of treatment, ensure that controlled substance therapy remains indicated, evaluate the patient’s progress toward treatment objectives, consider adverse drug effects, and to review the etiology of the pain….”

We are regularly updating our FAQ’s at flhealthsource.gov/FloridaTakeControl which provides a wealth information about the law for consumers and health care professionals.

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