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Posted almost 6 years ago by Vicky Stone-Gale

I am forwarding this message from Florida Nurse Practitioner Network that was posted on their site today.  YOU ARE NO LONGER INSURED IF YOU HAVE THIS COMPANY AS YOUR CARRIER!!

On 1/15/13, Lewis and Clark wrote in response to my request for an update - "The company has now been placed into receivership by the Department of Insurance in Nevada. I was sent a no loss report for your review but the udnerwriter was not be able to release any policy documents at this time. The receiver should be contacted for any future requests for information on this program/policy" Therefore if questions, you can contact Mike Anderson (Vista Consulting Group), Phone:  800-476-2112 ext. 137, Email: michaelfnl@aol.com to verify that the company is no longer in business and what your protection is. We interpret this to be that we are not longer insured with L&C! So we suggest you check this out and get a new policy! 

Lynda Knowles -Director of Underwriting for Nurses and Allied Healthcare Providers of  Lewis and Clark RRG, Inc. Uni-ter Underwriting Management Corp. 3655 Brookside Parkway, Suite 200, Alpharetta, GA 30022, 678-781-2381, wrote that her last day of employment is Jan 21, 2013." It has been my great pleasure to serve you as well as all my other nurse clients over the years."

Once you confirm your own L&C policy status, your options are to contact the other insurers such as Marsh, NSO, CM&F and any other your find that will provide the mandatory NP insurance coverage required by the state @ 100K/300K or be under a group policy or government insurance. Several years ago, Florida Physicians got a law passed to go bare! Should NPs? Is that the right thing to do?

Your comments?

Members: FYI--

Marsh is quoting $1400 if you are an AANP member--you have to get $1 million/500,000 but can get premium lowered if you call and ask then to lower your limits to $250/750

CM&F is quoting approximatelt $2956 - option for $250/$750 and no lower

NSO is approximately $1596 

These quotes are from the website for an employed Family NP.  Remember you MUST BY LAW carry mapractice insurance in the amount of no less than $100, 000/300,000.  No one is writing that limit so take the lowest you can above that amount--the more insurance you have, the more risk you have of them suing you and taking it plus more.  Get the lower amount if it is available.

Vicky Stone-Gale, President, SFCAPN