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Lewis & Clark Mapractice Insurance

Posted almost 6 years ago by Vicky Stone-Gale

Thanks to Daphne for sharing the following:  If you currently have Lewis and Clark I advise for you to renew with a new company right now because you have no coverage, basically you gave away your money for ZERO protection. I just spoke with the state office of insurance and they explained everything to me. Call them to confirm what I am telling you.
At this moment NOBODY has coverage. Everyone needs to act immediately and obtain coverage. You are not protected and there is nothing that can help you if something comes up for you. 
You can tell the members to call the office of insurance (state entity that is supposed to protect people like us). I called them and unfortunately I was told that we have zero legal rights at this point. Their number is:
1 (877) 693-5236

Florida Company number 95691